Toddler Program

TCLA Toddler Program

Our toddler program is specifically designed for our youngest children. We understand that toddlers learn best by experiencing the environment through their senses. Our toddlers are guided to explore their surroundings and use the learning materials available. Teachers play a vital socialization role with toddlers and bond with them using warm and positive manner to help them develop a sense of trust in the world and a sense of competence. These positive interactions are critical to the formation of the child’s self-esteem as well as his/her cognitive and physical development. Important self-help skills are being acquired during these early years, such as meals and dressing.

Language acquisition is also an important skill, which is emphasized and developed through repetition of words, naming objects in the environment, and conversation. The most appropriate teaching technique for this age group is that of providing ample opportunities for the children to use self-initiated repetition to practice newly acquired skills and to experience feelings of autonomy and success.

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