Pre-K Four Year Olds

Our pre kindergarten program builds upon the social, emotional, motor, and academic skills acquired in our three-year-old program. The classroom continues to be structured to provide a safe, stimulating, and nurturing environment where children participate in developmentally appropriate direct instruction in the readiness areas of math and reading.

Various and inviting learning centers are created for a twofold purpose: for students to independently explore during self-selected time and for teachers to facilitate students’ acquisition of concepts, ideas, and problem solving skills in these well-defined and developed areas.

The four year old is beginning to understand the symbolic representation of letters and numbers; letters have associated sounds and numerals are related to number concepts. This is a very exciting time for children as their brains continue to grow exponentially. Hence, the curriculum is organized around the introduction of weekly letters and broad integrated themes.

Our teacher to student ratio is approximately 1:7 assuring that your child will be given the individual attention to move him/her along the developmental continuum with great expertise and love. Full day and mini day are offered.

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-Virginia McDonald
Owner / Director

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