Fun Club Descriptions


Our 10-11 week Fun Clubs begin the week of September 16th

Clubs run from 3:30pm – 4:30pm

Monday: MINI MUSIC MAKERS – Instructor – Mrs. Cappelluti

Mini Music Makers comes to Turtle Creek Learning Academy to develop the aspiring young “rock star’s” musical interest. This engaging program will introduce your child to different musical styles from nursery rhymes to rock and roll. The curriculum will guide your child’s musical creativity through listening, creating, movement, and performance.

Tuesday: YOUNG ARTISTS’ STUDIO – Instructor – Mrs. Giountikos

Students will explore classic and modern art masters and their different techniques while using their own creativity and imagination to develop their “Works of Art. The children are introduced to modern and contemporary artists and diverse cultures using a wide variety of media and techniques which spark imagination, creativity, and lifelong connections with art!

Wednesday: COOKING CLUB – Instructor – Mrs. Giountikos

This is a cooking program where children will learn about different states and the food that they
produce. Each week students will learn facts about a state and prepare a recipe typical to that area. Our expert chef, Mrs. G., will engage the students in conversation and teach them about good nutrition while serving up the great varieties.

Friday: Spanish Fun Club – Instructor – our resident expert, Ms. Rachel.

Young children learn new languages very quickly. This fun, interactive introduction to spanish is a great way to learn something new!

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