Full Day Kindergarten

Our kindergarten curriculum provides many opportunities for students to develop their readiness skills until they are able to master concepts and understandings at their instructional level. Most of our students end the school year reading at least one or two years above grade level.

This program is suited for students who would flourish in a private school setting with smaller class size and individual attention or for those students who miss their school’s cutoff date. Besides delivering engaging and robust math and reading programs, our kindergarten program offers more opportunities for creative and critical thinking. Teachers use students’ interests to plan units of studies, especially in the area of science, and then they create activities to expand on this understanding. Technology is used as a resource to broaden knowledge and to differentiate instruction especially in reading and math. STEAM activities are woven into the core curriculum. Logical thinking is taught through a variety of activities, which help to develop problem- solving skills.

Creative thinking is not just apparent in the arts but also developed through other content areas. Children not only play games but they create games. Brainstorming activities and idea generation help students to think outside of the box. All of these activities create habit of mind to help our students expand their thinking and to view themselves as creative and critical thinkers and resourceful learners. When students embrace this self-concept at a young age, they are assured of great success in their future academic pursuits.

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-Virginia McDonald
Owner / Director

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