Camp Turtle Creek

We are preschool specialists, so our summer camp is specifically designed for the 4-6 year old.

Camp Turtle Creek – 4-6 Year Olds:

For our 4-6 year olds, Camp Turtle Creek runs for eight weeks. The engaging and fun-filled themes change weekly. Camp Turtle Creek is a perfect choice for the preschool child. Our groups are small, the teacher-to-student ratio is low and our teachers teach our summer program. The children are well supervised in a nurturing and loving environment. Full and mini day options are available. Be sure to check out our “older sibling” camp option.

Summer Camp Activities for Kids

Do you remember sitting around a campfire as a child? Or maybe you remember learning how to fish or going on exciting nature walks? Outdoor memories are often the fondest part of most childhood experiences. People tend to look back fondly on the moments they spent outside playing as a child, and here at Turtle Creek, we are committed to passing on those memories to your children too.

Sweet Summer Fun

Nearly every child loves summertime, and for a good reason, it’s fun! Here at Camp Turtle Creek we provide that summer fun that will stay with your child for life. Our summer camp runs for eight weeks and is available for children aged four to six years old. We create a safe and fun environment for your child to learn and make lifelong memories. With certified teachers and counselors, safety and fun are our top two priorities. We strive to keep the student to teacher ratio low, as we find that works best for everyone involved. Offering full or half day summer camp programs and even a special older sibling program, we have the perfect environment in the Marlboro, NJ, area for summer fun and making amazing memories.

Why Summer Camp?

Sending your children to a kids summer camp program is a wonderful way for them to have fun in a safe atmosphere full of enjoyment and learning opportunities. Children who are sent to summer camp often develop critical social skills while learning many valuable life lessons that they will use throughout their lifetime. Not only that, but summer camp is a wonderful way for children to make new friends that may also last a lifetime! Summer camp is a perfect environment in keeping children occupied and stimulated throughout the summer months, and many find that going back to school is easier because of it. Turtle Creek Summer Camp is committed to being the best preschool summer camp in the Marlboro, NJ area. We are dedicated to making every summer more amazing than the last one. For more information on our fun and educational summer programs, contact us today!

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-Virginia McDonald
Owner / Director

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