Before and After Care

About Before And After Care

As any parent who works outside of the home already knows, works schedules may be longer than the usual school day.  That is why we offer before and after care for our Turtle Creek Students.  These extra hours give you the flexibility to get your child to a quality preschool program and still get to your job on time.  Every once in a while, you might even have the time to run an errand before you arrive at school for pick-up!

We provide before and after care for our students at an additional cost. Parents can drop off their children at 7:30 am and pick them up by 6:00 pm. Our Turtle Creek staff supervises the children during these hours. Many of our after-care students participate in our Fun Clubs but this is not required.

To find out more about enrolling in our before or after care programs or any of our day care programs, you can call us or come to our Marlboro location and talk to one of our staff members.

Turtle Creek Day Care Programs

“It takes a village to raise a child” is how the saying goes, and more often than not, it holds. We all need some help sometimes, especially while managing a busy life alongside work and raising children. Here at Turtle Creek, we help each one of our students where it is most needed, and sometimes that means through our before and after school daycare programs.

How Do After School Programs Work?

We understand that parents in Marlboro, New Jersey, are busy and may need some extra help with daycare services. This leaves many parents searching for “child care near me” in hopes of an answer, only to be met with substandard results that just don’t seem to fit their family. At Turtle Creek, we strive to offer the daycare programs that parents need. Offering 7:30 am drop off and 6 pm picks up, we provide parents with a schedule that keeps work hours in mind, so you are never rushed or in a place to be forced to alter your work schedule.

These programs work by giving your child a safe and fun place to be before and after school, allowing you the peace of mind, and freedom, to get other things done when you need to.

About Turtle Creek

Our compassionate and trained staff is committed to making our Turtle Creek daycare programs like a second home for each Turtle Creek student. Offering our Fun Clubs (which are not mandatory) and plenty of other fun and safe activities, we strive to keep your child engaged and occupied while you are away. We don’t simply want to give your child somewhere to be; we want to enrich their lives and help them grow into the person that they are meant to be. With Turtle Creek you don’t only get an afterschool playgroup, you get a full experience that will help your child grow and learn while also having a great time doing it. To learn more about our comprehensive daycare services, please contact us today! We can’t wait to hear from you.

Have Any Questions?

We would love to hear from you! Send us a message and we will gladly answer any questions you may have about the best preschool and enrichment center in Marlboro.

-Virginia McDonald
Owner / Director

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