I am so grateful for the wonderful start to my son and daughter’s educational journey that came from their time at TCLA.  Not only were both of them well prepared to enter public school, but they entered far above grade level.  Academically, this school is superior but it is also full of loving, caring teachers who have gone above and beyond for our children and make learning enjoyable and fun.  The education received here is like no other school in the area, as evidenced by my willingness to make the 25-minute drive to TCLA each day so that my children could receive this wonderful educational opportunity.  Turtle Creek, and especially the truly one-of-a-kind Ms. Krachie, will be forever in our hearts.”

– Marisa S.

As you know, it’s not easy for us as working parents to be sure our kids are educationally getting everything they need from us and also work and just run life in this crazy time. My husband and I clearly see our child growing and learning during this time. Her reading is getting better every day and her interest in math is fantastic.

We know how hard this must be for you with your business and we feel deeply empathetic for what you’re going through with such a dynamic and difficult situation and just want you to know that you and your team are doing a wonderful job. If we absolutely had to experience this, we are happy it’s with you.

– Vanessa

Ms. McDonald is a hardworking and inspirational teacher. With her courage and hard work, she opened a school while she was teaching the REACH program at Marlboro Elementary. She could have chosen to remain teaching in the public school, but she was determined to begin her own preschool which she later developed into a full enrichment center.

Ms. McDonald has been teaching me for about two years now. She helped me to improve my writing and reading abilities. She taught me well so I can comprehend the topics I don’t understand. Since Ms. McDonald is so knowledgeable, I learn so much from her every time I meet her. She is truly an amazing, determined, and good-humored teacher who works hard to help us accomplish our goals.

– Himani J. • Grade 8

Ms. McDonald’s classes open doors and paths to new destinations and places we usually would never dare to venture without her support and explanation. She is with us every step of the way explaining every lesson. Somehow she manages to fit social studies, math, reading, and science into lessons. She also is enlightening and teaches us wise lessons. She encourages us to dig deeper into every story we read and find ways to become better readers and writers. With Ms. McDonald, we know we have someone to help steady us as we walk across the tightrope of knowledge knowing she is there to encourage us and balance our every step.

– Annie Z. • Grade 5

Ms. McDonald has taught me so much through the years I have been with her. She takes the time to help the students she is working with understand his/her mistakes or problems. Every week I walk into the building with excitement in my eyes eager for new knowledge. Every week, she presents us with a new challenge. She sets a warm, friendly environment for all of her students. She allows us to be creative and imaginative while still having fun learning. With her, we are all progressing and climbing the mountain of success.

– Cindy Z • Grade 6

TCLA Enrichment is an exceptional school unlike any other because of many favorable attributes such as the knowledgeable teachers, the warm atmosphere, and the challenging content we are learning. Ms. McDonald and Ms. Lorentzen, who are my teachers, have a natural talent for teaching youths and increasing their knowledge. Both are excellent teachers; I can hardly wait to see them again after each class. In class, we cover many
reading comprehension and writing skills that exceed what I have learned in my middle school. We usually start the class with a logic or math word problem that helps us to develop our critical thinking skills. By taking their classes, my test grades have improved 20%. I truly believe that TCLA Enrichment is the choice school where teachers like Ms. McDonald and Ms. Lortenzen are so committed to teaching children. They are able to cultivate my strong interest in English studies which will benefit me for the rest of my life. I truly enjoy their class. Thank you, Ms. McDonald and Ms. Lorentzen!

– Amanda K. • Grade 6

Mrs. McDonald is a very dynamic person. We spend a whole hour together, but it only feels like five minutes. She is a very fun person and makes learning an enjoyable experience. While some of the teachers in schools who try to help students improve their writing skills by taking notes, Mrs. McDonald makes it a more interactive process. She tells us to write an essay for homework, and then in class, she goes over it as friends and classmates give advice. She helped me improve my vocabulary and logical reasoning skills, and most importantly, Mrs. McDonald helped me improve my writing skills. She helped me improve my word choice and taught me how to write an effective persuasive essay or any essay for that matter. Mrs. McDonald is a phenomenal teacher who makes writing an interesting subject.

– Emerald N.

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