Students in grades K-8 will be immersed in developing their reasoning skills in a variety of content areas: reading, writing, and problem solving. They will come to understand how critical thinking can be applied across content areas. Weekly, hour-long classes are held in 10 week sessions. Our dynamic teachers, highly motivated students and engaging curriculum allow us to accomplish a great deal in an hour: a challenging word/logic problem, analysis of the assigned reading piece (fiction or nonfiction) and instruction in a complementary writing assignment. Students are expected to complete their homework and come prepared for class. The depth of discussion depends on students’ ability to come fully ready to share and defend their ideas.

Enrichment Courses

We Offer:

  • Small group instruction: 4-6 students
  • Highly qualified, master teachers
  • Engaging fiction to develop essential reading strategies:inference, asking questions, making connections, summarizing
  • Challenging nonfiction to expand background knowledge, identify structural elements, and build summarizing and paraphrasing skills
  • Writing assignments that dovetail with Marlboro Township’s writing curriculum and NJ standardized test writing requirements
  • Exposure to classic logic problems (matrix, Sudoku) and multi-step word problems
  • Vocabulary development through challenging text, analogies, and/or vocabulary study

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-Virginia McDonald
Owner / Director

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