Ms. Ramos’s Class

Ms. Ramos’s Class Class Update

Ms. Ramos – Two Year Olds – January 14, 2019

Review: Letters A- M

Review Numbers: 1-10

Review: Basic shapes and colors

Theme: Night, names and nursery rhymes


Dear Parents,


We continue to be thrilled by your children’s progress in our 2 ½ year old program. The children have all acclimated so well to our routines and expectations. Because of that and their ever growing maturity, we plan increasingly more structured activities to enhance all the developmental areas.


We will talk about night and bedtime routines and read Good Night by Debi Gliori, Good Night I Love You by Scholastic and (the big book) Goodnight Moon by Margaret Wise Brown as springboards for this discussion about night time habits and the importance of sleep. Also we will read Newton by Rory Tyger. It is about a cute little bear who thinks he hears sounds in the night and bravely explores to find out the source; surprisingly it is his own rumbly stomach because he is hungry.


In addition, we will read New York by Johannah Gilman Paiva and talk about their visits to New York and identify what are some of the special things found in the city. The Napping House by Audrey Wood is an award winning humorous story which tells the tale of a wakeful flea atop a number of sleeping creatures that causes a commotion with just one bite. The children will enjoy this silly cumulative tale.


We plan to finish our winter books, stamp upper and lower case “Ns,” use dot paints to paint both upper and lower cases Ns and decorate a large capital N with ten stars. All of our activities further develop fine motor skills. We will go outside, weather permitting, but if we can’t , we dance and march and move to music indoors.


And no week devoted to the letter N would be complete without more nursery rhymes. We continue to chorally recite the most popular ones.


School will be closed nest Monday, January 21st in honor of Martin Luther King’s birthday. Our school will be hosting a Multicultural Night on Thursday, January 24th from 6-8. Although our class does not participate in a presentation that evening, please come and see the presentations from all the other classes in the school. There will be entertainment from the Chinese Fidelity School and several Indian school dancers. Parents will be bringing dishes from their native countries to enjoy. Let’s celebrate diversity!


Enjoy your week.


Ms. Jenn and Ms. Priya

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