Mrs. Martorano’s Class

Mrs. Martorano’s Class Update

Mrs. Martorano Pre-K Highlights – May 13th

Hello Pre-K families,

I hope you had a great Mother’s Day!

Our caterpillars arrived last week!!! Each day the class observes the caterpillars and are starting to see how they are eating more and getting bigger. They all want to name them now!  Our caterpillars should be in their chrysalis stage by next week.  Then we will patiently await the next stage of the butterfly!

We will be continuing our theme of Spring all throughout May. We have already studied the four seasons, and continue to go over them, along with the days of the week and months in our daily morning meetings. Please continue to reinforce these concepts at home. (There are four seasons, seven days of the week and twelve months.) This is all new information for them and they are still trying to grasp everything.

Our plants did not seem to make it over Spring break, so we were talking about planting some new individual plants and starting fresh. Then we can take care of them and observe their growth.

Money will be another focus this week and will continue in the coming weeks. Money is a rather abstract concept for preschoolers. We are learning about the different coins, the value and how many of each equals one dollar. So far we have explored the penny and nickel. Don’t forget to ask them who’s on the front and what’s on the back of each coin! We will continue with the dime and quarter. Then, they will take their cognitive knowledge to practical use by “buying” things from our store. This afternoon we bought some fruits and veggies!

Our Mother’s Day Tea pictures are on the Shutterfly account, they all look great! Enjoy!

See you tomorrow,




Bunny Money by: Rosemary Wells

The Penny Pot by: Stuart J. Murphy

Benny’s Pennies by: Pat Brisson

Nickels by: Mary Hill

Dimes by: Mary Hill

Quarters by: Mary Hill

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