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Kindergarten Highlights – November 18

Kindergarten Highlights
November 18, 2019

Over the river and through the wood to grandmother house we go! We are settled into mid-November and the weather feels more like early winter than late fall. Before we know it, the holidays will sneak up and bite our nose just like the cold air did the other morning. The students seemed to enjoy learning about the first true North Americans. We created spirit shields, head bands, and totem poles as we learned about the different lifestyles of a few North American Indians. I hope you enjoyed joining in the discussion with the parent sheets that I sent. This week we will share some fun and factual stories of the Pilgrims and the first Thanksgiving. We will read a book about Sarah Hale, the woman who saved Thanksgiving. What’s that I hear you saying? Ah you didn’t know Thanksgiving need saving! Well, not only did she save Thanksgiving, but she also fought for playgrounds for kids, schools for girls, argued against spanking, and other serious things like slavery. In 1863, after thirty-eight years and thousands of letters, President Lincoln made Thanksgiving a national holiday.

This week we will enjoy the irresistible tales and antics of Laura Numeroff and Felicia Bond and the characters that delight young readers; Mouse, Moose, Cat, and Pig. These circular stories provide students with experience in sequential thought, story structure, author and style, and predictability. Our first read will be If You Give a Mouse a Cookie.

We continue in math with the concepts of greater than (more) and less than (smaller). We will introduce “greater than” and “less than” along with the symbols that represent these concepts. Please look for the Singapore Math workbook this week for assignments.
Reading groups will meet the latter part of the week with early dismissal both Monday and Tuesday for parent / teacher conferences. Report cards will be issued at conference time or sent home by the end of the day on Wednesday. I am looking forward to meeting with you to discuss your child’s progress year to date.
Update for the feast next week: kindergarten will be joining the Pre=K. We have already gotten a good response from the class as far as supplies and yummy sides for the celebration. If you’d like to assist, please speak with Mrs. Fotinos.

As always, thank you for your support at home. Don’t hesitate to questions or for assistance if needed.
Lynn Krachie

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