Ms. Krachie’s Class

Ms. Krachie’s Class Update

Kindergarten Schedule Week of April 20, 2020

Hi gang! I hope that everyone enjoyed the break and is feeling refreshed and ready to go. I used my time to “catch up” on all those little things that have seemed to be put aside for a while, and to leisurely run. I had the chance to finally read the March/April Woman’s Running magazine that had been sitting on the counter and the editor’s note struck a chord with me that I’d like to share. Although the editor, Jen Ator, applies it to achieving running goals, it is a message that I believe not only applies just to running, but in life too!

The question she poses readers is “Have you ever wondered, what are you capable of?” Much to the realization of the editor, I realized that I truly don’t know either – but luckily find the unknown intriguing, hopeful, and exciting. Jen Ator goes on to say that as she became more invested in discovering her potential, the more she noticed doubt creeping in and that little by little, her consistent routine gave way to erratic training and she started backing off her goals. What follows is taken exactly from the editor’s note;

“Then just before the New Year, a single tweet from Des Linden (Olympic runner, Boston Marathon winner) turned my perspective around: “It takes 10 years to become an overnight success.”

That line humbly reminded me that the pursuit of excellence is not about the highlight reel, change and success do not happen overnight and that the reward is in the work itself. It’s the weeks, months, and years of chasing the best version of yourself-day in and day out, one small step and choice at a time, that add up to your greatest moments. It’s the grind and the grit-the small stuff that reveals your full potential – and that you’ll be most proud of and grateful for in the end.

She reminds readers to stop stressing and to get out of our own way and stay committed to doing the work. She states that if we want to realize our full potential, the truth is the ones who find it are usually the ones who just don’t quit. All we have to do is keep showing up.

Thank you for showing up and thank you for your continued support, cooperation, and collective resolve to make this work.

First thing in the morning;

Do Now-
Update calendar
Pledge – if they’d like and patriotic song
Our breathing exercises and wake up the brain (zombie arms)
Do now: Monday – Friday Word problems
Read, draw, solve, and answer
Pages 18, 22, 24, 25, 28; one each day

Mindfulness Walk

Spend 10 minutes or so first thing each morning outdoors observing nature and your surroundings. Pose questions about how the air feels and smells as you breathe in. Close your eyes and listen for the sounds you hear. Open your eyes and describe what you see and how the weather makes you feel.


Aiden, Grayson (One Good Pup by Frank Ash pages 11-31), Stavros, Ellen, and Sara(A Friend for Little Bear, page 159) will be reading a story in the hardcover text that I’ve sent previously. Tiffany and Nathan (The Rat and the Cat) will be reading a copied text that is included in the packet. I’m looking forward to starting these new texts this week. Reading is a daily activity and should be encouraged.

Being a Writer Series

Unit 3 Week 4: When Sophie Gets Angry- Really, Really Angry by Molly Bang

In the Being A Writer series we continue with learning the skill of writing by telling more. We have been learning how to develop a topic sentence. We select our own topic for writing; visualize getting story ideas, rereading our stories and telling more by asking what more our writing community what more we would like to know. We have been listening to each other’s stories, showing appreciation for one another’s writing, and helping to generate ideas that we can write about. We begin day 1 by thinking aloud; then writing the first sentence and drawing a simple picture to start the story. We focus on starting with a capital, leaving space between each word, and ending with a period. Day 2 we reread and add to our writing by asking questions, visualizing, and adding detail to our picture. By the end of the week, we have scripted a 3-4 sentence well-written story. This week’s story, by Molly Bang, deals with how we calm down when we are upset. This week the class will write a story about what they do when they get really angry. By telling more, we help others get to know us and that makes the story more interesting to read (hear).

Geography: Land and Water Map – Hawaii

We will introduce the new map during our lesson time. Follow up daily work is the student’s responsibility


We will begin to explore measurement. I have sent a Starting to measure packet for practice this week. The packet begins with non-standard units of measure to introduce the students to the language of measurement. Over the next two weeks, we will explore length, weight, and capacity. The note for parents explains and suggests ways to engage and assist in their learning. I have included some manipulative items to help with this introduction (please hold and return when finished). Enjoy exploring at home. Please refer to the highlighted sections for tips. (a small pack of crayons included).


Outdoor exercise or gross movement

Independent activities for this week; these items would be done during center time at school;

  • penmanship letters x,y,z
  • sight word sentence practice sheets, complete one per day and practice spelling
  • A-Z practice writing/letter-sound packet
  • T is for Think XYZ (enjoy with a parent or as a family)
  • Spring ABC order
  • Measure packet
  • Art –Piet Mondrian (see the information sheet on the artist)
  • Build something new-recycling challenge (see below)
  • Daily complete a minimum of 2 pages (but no more than 5) in your primary phonics workbook


Whole class reader, Wind by Marion Bauer. With all the crazy weather we have been having I thought it might be fun to explore wind.

Our science design challenge last week was awesome! I was so excited to hear that you had fun creating, testing, and building the gardening tool The Gardening Tool Stem Challenge demonstrated that we may have future design architects. Please hold them in a safe place so we can share them upon our return to the classroom and test them to declare a tool champion.

Challenge Packet:

This week I have sent a new challenge. It goes along with the earth day theme and the three R’s. Use the enclosed recyclable items to create something new. You may add up to three items from your home recycling bin to your creation. Be ready to explain what it is, what you can do with it, and the name you have given your new invention.

Art project:

Please share the Tate Kids pages that I have included in the art zip lock pack. Mondrian’s art is bold and fun to create. Feel free to use the color shapes I have included. I also included a four-pack of crayons that can be used instead. Please assist in trimming the shapes to fit the spaces. The bold black lines should be visible between the colored sections. Have fun!

Please feel free to text any questions or comments you have. I am available daily from the hours of 10 am to 3 pm. Most days I am at school and can readily access materials of items that can be helpful. I hope you are proud of the work your child is completing and are now seeing how truly wonderful and excited about learning they are.

Hopefully, I have been thorough and have not forgotten anything. As always please feel free to reach out with any questions you have.

Lynn Krachie

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