Ms. Krachie’s Class

Ms. Krachie’s Class Update

Kindergarten Highlights -March 25th

Kindergarten Highlights

Week of March 25, 2019

Welcome spring!  Hopefully everyone had the opportunity to get out and enjoy some of the nice weather this weekend.  This week ends the unpredictable lion/lamb weather we see this time of year and ushers in the milder springtime we long for.  Please look at the forecast and dress accordingly as we will take advantage of the warmer temperatures to get outside.  Remember proper footwear is helpful for running and playing.

We look forward to Breakfast with Buddies on Tuesday morning 9:45am- 10:30 am. It is a fun time to share a few moments with someone we think is special.

This week we will continue across the curriculum with business as usual:  new readers, writing practice (telling more), reviewing addition strategies in math (doubles, doubles +1 and doubles +2), and learning all about the moon. Our big goal this week is to create either a planetarium of turn our block building room into a space museum. Also coming home for practice is list 1B in the Fry list. Thank you for your help at home and continued support with this and the reading assignments.  The students are doing well and are proud of their accomplishments.  The goal of the reading and spelling is to encourage more creative language and well written sentences. The more we hear good writing and practice writing the better we become at it.

A reminder, if you would like to come in for a conference during the week please speak with me or send a note indicating the day and time you are available.  I will reply to confirm and arrange for coverage of the class during that time to meet with you.

I would very much like to celebrate spring and the upcoming break at the end of April.  If you have a suggestion for a fun party theme please let me know.  Volunteers are always welcome to assist the class during the event.

Thanking you again for your support in helping our students bloom!

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