Ms. Krachie’s Class

Ms. Krachie’s Class Update

Kindergarten Highlights – September 16

Kindergarten Class Newsletter
September 16, 2019
Reported by: Ms. Krachie

We hope that you enjoyed the kindergarten newsletter that was sent home at the end of last week sharing some of the favorite things we did. The first week of school is not easy; adjusting from summer mode to school and starting a new routine is tough for children. Everyone did a fantastic job working together! It was a busy week; we explored our classroom, met new friends, took nature walks, played on the playground, played group games on the lawn, and learned how to use the tools in the art center, blocks and writing centers. I’m excited to explore and learn more this week.

Over the next two weeks, the students will begin both the reading comprehension and writing program series. The writing begins with telling stories (orally) as well as drawing pictures that tell stories. As they become familiar with concepts of print, they begin to write symbols and eventually letters to represent sounds. The reading comprehension program teaches students comprehension strategies through the read-aloud stories. The students listen to and discuss literature in pairs and, as a class and through their interactions, come to recognize that talking about books is a way to understand them. As they work together, they develop caring and respectful relationships, create a safe and supportive classroom environment for their learning and become aware of the effect of their behavior on others and on their work.

We will begin introducing letters, letter sounds, and spelling rules as they apply; stressing fine motor and handwriting as well. This week we will introduce/review the letter /Cc/ both hard and soft. In math, we will review the number one and develop the concept of one to one correspondence as well as practicing counting to 30
In art and science this week we will discover primary and secondary color by sharing some fun literature and exploring with various art mediums.

Reminder for students:

  • Bring your folder to school every day
  • Wear comfortable clothes and shoes
  • Bring a healthy lunch and snack with a refillable water bottle


From the Teacher’s Desk

Back to School Night is Wednesday, September 25th – 7:00 to 7:45

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