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Ms. Kasey’s Class Update

Ms. Kasey Pre-K Highlights September 16

Pre-K Highlights
September 16th – September 20th

Weekly Theme: Emotions and Feelings

Dear Pre-K families,

We had an awesome first week of school! The children are adapting quickly to their new classroom and they have all made some new friends. This week we will be continuing our theme, “emotions and feelings.” We have a lot of exciting activities planned for this upcoming week.

Starting on Monday we will be discussing respect, and how to treat our things. During centers we will be creating “emotion faces” on the tables using shaving cream. We will also be using our feelings yoga cards throughout the week, as well as our animal feelings dice game. As a class we will make a list of how to show our best manners everywhere we go. During science, we will make our own stress ball using a balloon and cornstarch! Finishing up the week, we will be celebrating International World Peace Day!

You might hear your child talk about him/her being evaluated this week. We are starting evaluations on Monday and should be finished on Friday. This first evaluation is based on the following: Colors, shapes, recognizing numbers up to 30, recognizing both upper, and lowercase letters, counting in order, writing first names, knowing a few parts of a book, proper use of a pencil, and identifying our own name from a list. Evaluations will help us teachers know your child’s strengths and weaknesses academically.

Literature this week:

  • Respect and Take Care of Things By, Cheri J. Meiners
  • What do you do with a Problem? By, Kobi Yamada
  • Please say Please! By, Margery Cuyler
  • I Did it, I’m Sorry By, Caralyn Buehner
  • Words Are Not For Hurting By, Elizabeth Verdick
  • Yellow Time By, Lauren Stringer


  • Fall fun clubs start this week, and it is not to late to sign up. Please see one of the teachers for questions or a sign up sheet.
  • Please remember to sign your children in and out each day.
  • Friday we will celebrate International Peace and Gratitude Day. We will be tie-dying T-Shirts on Tuesday. Please send in a plain white shirt by Tuesday.
  • Please send in a separate bag for snack and lunch. These bags should be labeled with your child’s name. A brown paper bag can be used for snack.

Warm regards,

Ms. Kasey and Mrs. G

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