Ms. Kasey’s Class

Ms. Kasey’s Class Update

Ms. Kasey Pre-K Highlights – May 13th – May 17th

Weekly Theme: Money

Weekly Number: 30 / Subtracting with 1


Hello Pre-K Families!


This week we will be learning about money. We will learn about what our coins and bills look like on the front and the back, and how much each of them is worth. Each day we will focus on a different coin and bill. Some activities we will do throughout the week include playing a money matching game, cleaning pennies during science, doing simple addition and subtraction with money during math, and creating boats out of foil to see whose can hold the most coins.


We will continue to review and practice properly forming our numbers and letters. This week we will focus on the number 30. Students will learn that 30 is three groups of ten. While learning about subtraction our unifix cubes will help us visualize what taking away one looks like. Please continue to practice adding with 0,1, and 2 at home with your child as well as recognizing all letters and numbers 0-30.


In class we have been practicing recognizing what our color words, number words, days of the week and months of the year look like. We do not expect our students to know how to spell these words. We are focused on recognizing what these words look like by sounding out their beginning and ending letters. We are very happy with each and every students progress thus far and we are so proud of them!



Weekly Literature:

If You Made a Million by, David M. Schwartz

Bunny Money by, Rosemary Wells

The Penny Pot by, Stuart J. Murphy

Benny’s Pennies by, Pat Brisson

Spending and Saving by, Mary Hill

Pennies by, Mary Hill

Nickels by, Mary Hill

Dimes by, Mary Hill

Quarters by, Mary Hill

Deena’s Lucky Penny by, Barbara deRubertis

A Dollar for Penny by, Dr.Julie Glass

One cent, two cents, old cent, new cent by, Bonnie Worth

Pigs will be pigs by, Amy Axelrod


Weekly Reminders:

  • School will be closed next Friday May 24th through Monday May 27th. We will re open on Tuesday May 28th. Enjoy your Memorial Day weekend!
  • Please make sure your child has a seasonal appropriate change of clothes under his/her cubby. Please provide two pairs of pants, two pairs of underwear, a shirt, and a pair of socks.


Have a wonderful week,

Ms.Kasey and Mrs.G

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