Ms. Cappelluti’s Class

Ms. Cappelluti’s Class Update

Ms. Cappelluti – Three Year Old Highlights – May 28th

Mrs. Cappelluti Highlights

Week of 5/28/19

Theme: The Five Senses

This week we explore and discuss our sense of touch. The children will identify different objects by using just their sense of touch. We will practice writing our names using different manipulatives such as shaving cream and finger paint, and we will even create our own “touch collages.” We wrap up our unit by illustrating our own Five Senses book. The children have enjoyed the hands-on activities relating to our five senses, after all, “children learn best by doing.” We are very busy practicing and getting ready for our graduation performance which will take place on June 14th at 9:30am at the Monmouth Worship Center. All are welcome to attend. It will be a fantastic day of celebration.


Soft and Smooth, Rough and Bumpy A Book About Touch by Dana Meachen Rau

Yum! A Book About Taste by Dana Meachen Rau

The Five Senses of Love by Janet Parsons

Special News:

  1. Please return rest mats for your child.
  2. With warmer weather approaching, feel free to send in an extra water bottle for your child to keep in his/her cubby.
  3. End of School Celebration sign-up sheets will be out soon for those who would like to contribute.
  4. Last day of school for Tu/Th is Tuesday, 6/11(regular dismissal) and MWF is Wednesday, 6/12 (half day-11: 30 am dismissal.)
  5. Turtle Creek Carnival is on Thursday, 6/6 from 5:30-7pm.

                                      Have a Happy Week.

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