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Mrs. Martorano Pre-K Highlights – March 4th

Pre-K Highlights

March 4th – March 8th

Weekly Theme: Construction/Buildings

Weekly Letter: Yy

Weekly Number: 18


Hello Pre-K Families!


This week we will be learning about construction and buildings. We will use different building materials to make different structures such as a house, a skyscraper, a castle, a school, or any building of choice. Materials we will use are blocks, power clicks, color connectors, bristle blocks, Lincoln logs, legos and more. We will also be learning about different tools that construction workers use. Students will learn that our structures have to be strong on the bottom to support the top.


We are also learning about the letter Y this week. Students will learn how to properly form this letter as well as brainstorm words that start with Y. We will create a letter Y yo-yo craft, a yellow collage, and a silly craft using yarn. We will also color a construction tool book, create a structure with with paper shapes, and complete a construction pattern worksheet.


Our number of the week is 18. Students will learn how to properly form this number as well as recognize what a group of 18 things looks like. We will learn that the one in an 18 stands for one group of ten with the 8 representing 8 “ones” left over.



Weekly Literature:

Alphatales- The Yak Who Yelled Yuck by, Carol Pugliano-Martin

My x,y,z Book by, Jane Bell Moncure

You Read to Me, I’ll Read to You by, Mary Ann Hoberma

YOKO by, Rosemary Wells

Yo! Yes? by, Chris Raschka

Yellow Umbrella by, Jae Soo Liu

Pete the Cat.Construction Destruction by, James Dean

Where do Diggers Sleep at Night? by, Brianna Caplan Sayres

Building Our House by, Jonathan Bean



Weekly Reminders:

  • Scholastic book orders for March have been sent home. Please help up earn points to receive free books for our classroom!
  • Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday reading groups take place. Please continue to practice sight words and reading at home with your child. We are focusing on the -at ending in class.
  • Sign up to be a mystery reader! The sign up sheet can be found above the sign in sheets outside of our class. (:


Have a great week,


Ms.Kasey and Mrs.G

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