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Mrs. Martorano Pre-K Highlights – January 14, 2019


Dear Pre-K Families,


This week in pre-K we will be learning all about diversity and what makes us special in our own way. Aiden A. will be our first Student of the Week… we are so excited to celebrate you!  We will be learning the importance of treating everyone equally and also about our different cultures. We will be reading Incredible You! by Dr. Wayne W. Dyer and discussing the follow up questions within the book. The questions are very thought provoking, I’m really looking forward to our discussions.


This week we will introduce the letter /Jj/ as in jaguar. We will read one of my favorite books, Rumble in the Jungle by Giles Andreae & David Wojtowycz and then create “Jungle Js”. The number of the week is 12/twelve, we will learn all about this number. We will build it, write it, tally it and find out where it falls in the number line. We will be counting, of course, with jelly beans too! We will also continue addition using zero and one.


We will begin our preparations for the Multicultural Open House this week that will take place next Thursday, January 24th. Our class will be learning to sing and count in Italian! I will be introducing the children to a few culturally significant aspects of Italy this week. We will learn about Michelangelo and create our own masterpieces, using a method similar to his while painting the Sistine Chapel’s ceiling. The children will also be introduced to Italy’s Coliseum and the Leaning Tower of Pisa, which we will attempt to recreate in our block area.


We will spend Friday afternoon reading A Picture Book of Martin Luther King, Jr. by David A. Adler and learning about who Martin Luther King, Jr. was and the legacy he left behind.


See you all tomorrow,

Mrs. M


Weekly Literature:

Spaghetti Park by DyAnne DiSalvo

Strega Nona by Tomie dePaola

Jazzy in the Jungle by Lucy Cousins

Jesse Bear, What Will You Wear?  by Nancy White Carlstorm

Just Like Me!  by Barbara J. Neasi

Just the Way You Are by Marcus P. Fister



  • TCLA will be closed next Monday, January 21st in remembrance of Martin Luther King, Jr.
  • Multicultural Night – Open House is January 24th. All students should attend for our class performance. Please feel free to contribute any food dish or dessert from your culture.

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