Pre-K Mrs. G

Pre-K Mrs. G Update

Mrs. G. & Ms. Krachie Week of March 21, 2022

Theme: Spring Has Sprung

This week, we will be discussing our new season – Spring. This is a perfect week for walks outside on the nature trail to begin observing the subtle changes of the coming season. We will be looking for budding trees, sprouting seedlings, changing temperatures and colors of nature as we explore outside this week. We are so lucky to have the Henry Hudson Trail right behind the school to engage in this science exploration. Our crafts, songs and poetry will dovetail with the spring season as well as the worksheets the children will be required to complete.


This week we will focus on the letter Kk learning both the associated sound and the proper formation of the letter. This systematic introduction to letters ensures that our students will gain mastery of prereading phonic skills one letter at a time. As we introduce letters, we work on the skill of blending the sounds, which is a foundational prereading skill.  We begin our exploration of Kk by creating a “Kk” word wall.  We’ll construct a kite, a key necklace, and a mini letter Kk book.  Part of our required 60 minutes of gross motor activities throughout the day will include using our letter K yoga cards.


We continue to review the numbers/numerals 1-20. Children should be able to identify the numeral and then understand the concept of the number. For instance, children should be able to name the numeral 13 when they see it and understand the number bond of 10 plus 3 more is 13.  You may notice that your child writes some of the numerals backwards especially 3 and 5. You can gently correct them, but this is very common at this age.

We will continue with simple addition of adding one or two more to a number. There are a variety of ways to approach mastery of this skill; however, children are given a number line that they keep on their desk to check their answers to addition problems. It is another way to develop independence.


Our children love stories. We can’t seem to read enough to them throughout the day.

  • Alphatales – Kangaroo Kazoo by: Wendy Cheyette Lewison
  • I See a Kookaburra by: Steve Jenkins and Robin Page
  • Koala and the Flower by: Mary Murphy
  • And Then It’s Spring by: Julie Fogliano
  • Rabbits Good News by: Ruth Lercher
  • Tap the Magic Tree by: Christie Matheson
  • Kitten for the Day by: Ezra Jack Keats
  • K is for Kitten by: Niki Clark Leopold
  • When the Root Children Wake Up: retold by Audrey Wood
  • Spring’s Begin by: Lynn Plourde
  • The Wind Blew by: Pat Hutchins


  • Tuesday, Wednesday and Thurday are optional in school conference days
  • Spring Fling/Art Festival/OPEN HOUSE – Thursday, April 7th from 5:00-6:30. Fun, games, ice cream truck. Bring your friends and show them around our wonderful school! Mark your calendars!
  • Spring break starts April 14th – April 26th.
  • Have a wonderful, sunny, springy week!

Ms. G and Ms. Krachie

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