Pre-K Mrs G, Ms. Amanda and Ms. Charlotte

Pre-K Mrs G, Ms. Amanda and Ms. Charlotte Update

March 9th – March 13th

Letter: Vv / Number: 17
Color: Violet/Purple

Dear Pre-K Families,

This week we will be learning about the letter Vv and number 17 and the color Violet/Purple.

After reading our Alphatales “Vera Vipers Valentine “we will create a new word wall list.
We will turn the letter V into a volcano, practice upper and lowercase Vv as well as discovering what 17 looks like and what numbers we can add together to make 17 and continue to practice skip counting.

We will be exploding a volcano 🌋 and discuss why and how volcanoes explode.
We will also listen to Violin 🎻 music and explore the instrument. I will be bringing a violin in class so that the children can “play” and explore!

The letter in the spotlight this week is Vv and as always we will start our literature with AlphaTales:
Vera Vipers Valentine.

The Very Busy Spider by: Eric Carle
The predictable text and animal noises make this book a fun read for the class.
The Vegetables We Eat by: Gail Gibbons
A richly illustrated introduction to produce.
Rhyming Dust Bunnies by: Jan Thomas
At first glance, this book has no relationship to the letter V that is until Bob opens his mouth to rhyme with a cat by saying “VACUUM CLEANER”! This book is very funny and will entertain the class.
Volcano Wakes Up by: Lisa Westberg Peters
Volcanoes : National Geographic Kids
Whose vehicle is This? by: Sharon Katz Cooper
Zin!Zin! Zin! A Violin by: Lloyd Moss
This book has great vocabulary as well as musical terms.


Optional conferences will be available for the week of the 17th.
Winter Fun Club sessions end this week.
Warm regards, Mrs.G 🍎🎻

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