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Mrs. Giountikos’ Class Update

Ms G – Pre-K Highlights – November 18

Pre-K Highlights
November 18th – November 27th
Weekly Letter: Ss
Weekly Theme: 5 Senses
Weekly Color: Brown

Dear Pre-K Parents:

This week we will be learning about our five senses, the letter Ss, number 7 and the color Brown. We will cover one sense a day. Monday we will be focusing on the sense of touch. We will talk about different adjectives we can use to describe how things feel. Using “mystery bags” we will try to guess what is inside using only our hands.

Tuesday we will discuss our sense of hearing. During creative movement, we will play with different instruments to identify loud and soft sounds.

Wednesday our sense of taste will be discussed. Students will be able to try different snacks that they will identify using a descriptive word. We will discuss what part of our tongue allows us to taste things differently.
On Thursday we will have a blindfolded smell test while focusing on our sense of smell. Students will smell a variety of things such as cinnamon, oranges, vanilla, etc. Lastly, Friday we will learn about our sense of sight. Weather permitting, we will be taking a nature walk to observe all the different things we can see along our path. We will also lay on sheets in the grass to find different pictures in the clouds.

This week we have a rich literature selection for the letter Ss. Some of our choices include WHO GREW MY SOUP by Tom Darbyshire and STONE SOUP by Ann McGovern. I think this would be a perfect opportunity to make our own vegetable soup in class and have a taste. We will retell SILLY SALLY by Audrey Wood using Velcro story pieces, first as a whole class and then as a center that students can choose and retell the story in their own unique way. Another favorite story of mine is SWIMMY by Leo Lionni. The story is about a little fish🐠 that figures out how to swim together in a SCHOOL to keep from being eaten by bigger fish. Lastly we will be discussing THANKSGIVING and the meaning of this celebration.

  • STREGA NONA by Tomie de Paola
  • IN THE SMALL, SMALL POND by:Denise Fleming
  • SEVEN BLIND MICE by: Ed Young
  • SAM SHEEP I CANT SLEEPby:Phil Rox bee Cox
  • THE SHEEP FOLLOW by: Monica Wellington
  • Wibble Wobble by, Miriam Moss
  • Thomas and the School Trip by, Rev. W. Audry
  • The Noisy Book by, Margaret Wise Brown
  • Hand,Hand,Fingers,Thumb by, Al Perkins
  • Polar Bear, Polar Bear, What do you Hear by, Eric Carle
  • The EAR Book by, Al Perkins
  • Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What do you See? by, Eric Carle
  • The EYE Book by, Theo Lesing
  • Look, Listen, Taste, Touch, and Smell by, Pamela Hill Nettleton


  • A sign up sheet will be posted next to our daily sign in sheet for our Thanksgiving feast. Turkey will be supplied for the children. Our feast will be on Wednesday, November 27.
  • Monday and Tuesday we are having half days to accommodate parent/teacher conferences.
  • Pick up is at 12:15; there is no lunch that day for students who are picked up at 12:15. The 1st conference starts @12:30.

Warm Regards,
Mrs. G

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