Mission & Goals

About Turtle Creek Academy

Turtle Creek Academy was established in 1998 by Virginia McDonald in response to the current research on how preschool children come to learn. Based on current research and best practices in education, Ms. McDonald created a stimulating curriculum with help from a very devoted and nurturing staff. The well-developed program, the professional and caring teachers, and the charming facility make this preschool an optimum environment for children to flourish to their maximum potential.  

Turtle Creek Learning Academy is housed in the old Wortley Building. This building was originally constructed to hold grain and potatoes. An old railroad line ran behind the school and grain was loaded on the trains to be transported to the markets up north. The train tracks have since been taken up and a shady paved nature trail is in its place. The building has been used as an auxiliary train station, a nursery, and offices for small businesses.  Turtle Creek is proud to be a part of this long and interesting history. The little brick schoolhouse charm dovetails with the philosophy of the school. Many parents have commented that coming into the school is like coming home.

Mission Statement

The mission of Turtle Creek Learning Academy is to provide exceptional education for the preschool child in a loving, nurturing environment. This is accomplished through the efforts of a professional, caring, and dedicated staff that inspire children, involve parents and support colleagues, so that all children successfully achieve a love of learning, confidence in themselves, and respect for others.


At Turtle Creek Learning Academy, children will:

  • Feel a sense of love and belonging;
  • Develop socially, emotionally, physically, and cognitively;
  • Develop critical thinking and problem solving skills;
  • Learn to become a responsible member of a group and relate to others;
  • Learn to appreciate individual differences and value diversity;
  • Develop self- control and independence;
  • Develop a positive self concept, and self identity;
  • Develop self expression and creative expression;
  • Develop respect and build community in the classroom;
  • Develop social interaction skills;
  • Develop communication skills and the ability to express thoughts, ideas and feelings;
  • Develop an ability, on their level, to understand spoken and written symbolic representations;
  • Develop an interest in books and stories

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-Virginia McDonald
Owner / Director

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