June 23, 2020 4:30 pm


Dear Parents,

How are you? I hope all of you are well. What a strange and challenging spring we have had.  Who could have imagined a school year ending like it did? My preschool teachers, my enrichment staff and I were challenged in creating a distance learning program that was meaningful and engaging. I believe we succeeded with flying colors, but it has left us a little weary. The irony was that teaching from home was much more time consuming and effort- expending than teaching live in our classrooms. All of the enrichment teachers, including myself, feel that we need to take a break in July and resume enrichment classes in August. I will be leaving for a month -long camping trip out west to the National Parks (That’s how I relax and reenergize); I won’t be back until the last week in July.

I plan to teach only one course this summer to middle school and high school students and that is “The History of Racism in America.” My contribution to the Black Lives Matter movement is to read and become informed on how racism became so systemic in America. I’ll be writing a new curriculum over my vacation and am so eager to teach what I’ve learned already. It is such an important issue that is not taught in schools. I will also be teaching an SAT Prep class.

My staff will be working in August to continue TCLA’s enrichment work. At this time, we are hoping to hold classes at the school aligning all of our practices with CDC guidelines on social distancing, hand sanitizing, temperature checks, and drop-off and pick-up procedures. More specific information will be sent as we get closer to the start of classes in August.   We are even considering using the playground as an outdoor classroom when possible.  If anything changes (for the worse) in terms of guidelines from the state and the CDC, we will then opt for distance learning enrichment.

Please note that Mrs. Lamoot and Ms. Krachie will be offering a new program of review and reinforcement to better prepare the kindergarten through third grade students for the following year. This is the only program that students will sign up for where they will select the grade that they just completed. All other students will sign up for the class of the grade that they will be entering in the fall.

We will still be offering our enrichment program for Grades 3-High School. The schedule is posted below. Again, if you are interested in the program, please reach out to the teacher who will give you additional information on the summer curriculum. Their e- mails are listed at the end of the course description.


GRADES 3-High School

The summer program has always focused on the theme of “Other Times, Other Places.” It includes very engaging historical nonfiction that promotes critical thinking skills in reading and writing. In addition, word problems are also included in warm up activities.

Classes will be held twice a week, either Tuesday and Thursday or Monday and Wednesday, for a total of 8 classes in four weeks. See the schedule below.

Grade 3:  The exploration of famous inventors and the science behind their inventions: Benjamin Franklin and Alexander Graham Bell. (TEACHER: Mrs. Strehle: elherts7261@gmail.com))

Grade 3: MATH. All skills taught in 2nd grade will be reviewed. If students have mastered these skills, the teacher will introduce the 3rd grade skills including math word problems and logic problems. (TEACHER: Ms. Strehle: elherts7261@gamil.com)

Grade 4: The debate about who “invented” the light bulb: should Thomas Edison be given credit for inventing or innovating the light bulb? Students will read and write a persuasive essay. In addition, students will read about the conflict between Edison and Tesla. Students will understand why Elon Musk named his car the Tesla. (Teacher: Mrs. Gorcica: magorcica@optonline.net)

Grade 4: MATH. All the skills taught in 3rd grade will be reviewed. If students have mastered these math skills, 4th grade math skills will be introduced including math word problems and logic problems. (Teacher: Mrs. Gorcica: magorcica@optonline.net)

Grade 5: Students will explore the founding fathers and focus on the complexity of Thomas Jefferson who wrote that all men are created equal but owned slaves. This discussion is very topical. (Teacher: Ms. Strehle: elherts7261@gmail.com)

Grade 5: MATH. All 4th grade math skills will be reviewed. If students have mastered these skills, the teacher will introduce 5th grade skills including math word problems and logic problems. (TEACHER: Ms. Strehle: elherts7261@gmail.com)


Exploration of Literature/TEST PREP

Grade 6: Author Study:  Ray Bradbury. Students will read short sci-fi stories by this famous author and analyze the themes, literary devices, and deep comprehension of these engaging stories. A variety of writing assignments will accompany these stories. (Teacher: Mrs. Blume)

Grade 7: Author Study: Edgar Allan Poe. Students will read short sci-fi stories by this famous author and analyze the themes, literary devices, and deep comprehension of these engaging stories. A variety of writing assignments will accompany these stories. (Teacher: Mrs. Blume)

Grade 8 and High School:  The History of Racism in America. Students will explore the history of racism in America from the end of the Civil War to present day. They will understand that racism is just not “de facto” (in fact) but  “de jure” (by law) as well. Using IbramX. Kendi’s book How to Be an Antiracist, students will explore ways to turn our thoughts into action.

Grades 9-11.SAT PREP- READING and WRITING and LANGUAGE – Using The Princeton Review SAT Premium 2020 Edition students will work through some of the practice tests in the book to analyze their errors and to determine their strengths and weaknesses in both reading, writing and grammar. This class does not introduce all the tips and tricks of the SAT test, but instead focuses on learning how to read well and understand the errors made in comprehension or grammar rules. Students need to purchase the book prior to the first class. (TEACHER: Ms. McDonald)


“BOOT CAMP” – Grades K-3 


Mrs. Krachie and Mrs. Lamoot will be teaching Grades K-3 in a “Boot Camp” like fashion during the third week in August: August 17th– 21st.  This is a totally new program for us. Both teachers feel that our younger students may have not mastered the skills needed to enter their assigned grade in the fall. Therefore, they are offering a week- long session the third week in August to teach, refresh and reinforce basic skills. See their schedule below. If you are interested in this program, please contact the teachers directly. They will create their own rosters.

August Boot Camp

Do you think your child could benefit from refresher skills in reading, writing, and math, with an introduction to mindfulness training?

TCLA Enrichment is proud to announce our first ever week-long summer Boot Camp to renew, review, and excite students in preparation for the fall. Mrs. Krachie will be instructing grades K and 1 classes. Mrs. Lamoot will be instructing grades 2 and 3 classes.

Classes will be held two hours per day for one week, in person, at TCLA. Daily instruction will consist of: engaging literature, individualized writing instruction, math skills that reteach/enrich, and activities that foster mindfulness and relaxation.

Our Boot Camps will run the week of August 

17 – 21 from 10am to 12pm. Please be assured that TCLA Enrichment will adhere to the CDC issued guidelines and provide a safe and healthy environment for staff and students.

Classes are based on the most recent grade level completed (example: If your child just completed 2nd grade, then you would register for the 2nd grade class). To register, please direct your email to Mrs. Krachie for K and 1st grades at lynnkrachie@gmail.com and Mrs. Lamoot for 2nd and 3rd grades at deb.gullo@gmail.com.

If you are interested in any of these course offerings, please email the teacher and she will answer any questions. Each teacher will create her own rosters.  Please let us know as soon as possible if you would like to enroll for the summer enrichment. As you can see, we have limited our classes in preparation of classes to be held on site.

ENROLLMENT FORM – This form must be completed and emailed to the teacher in order to be registered for the class. Payment should be submitted before the first class as a VENMO payment or check mailed to the school: 10 Railroad Avenue, Marlboro, NJ 07746.


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