March 31, 2020 12:02 pm

First thing in the morning;

Do Now-

  • Update calendar
  • Weather
  • Pledge – if they’d like and sing a patriotic song
  • Our breathing exercises and wake up the brain

Complete labeled word problem page. I’ve sent 4 pages: one for Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. On Wednesday, as it is the first day of April, the students will assemble their new folder. The weather chart is on the left and the calendar is on the right glued with the numbers facing out.

We will hold off on the remaining pages in the Read It! Draw It! Solve It! for now. They either introduce a new concept or need more in-class support to complete. Please keep this book at home for further assignments or bring it back when we return to school.

Morning Meeting:

We will share a message during our Face Time this week and correct mistakes together.

Mindfulness Walk

Spend 10 minutes or so first thing each morning outdoors observing nature and your surroundings. Pose questions about how the air feels and smells as you breathe in. Close your eyes and listen for the sounds you hear. Open your eyes and describe what you see and how the weather makes you feel.

Being a Writer Series

Cookie’s Week, by Cindy Ward and Tomie dePaola

You can find various rereads on YouTube, just type in the author or title. We will read it together on Monday. I have sent colored copies of a few pages as well that we will use during lesson time.

Each day of the week, Cookie makes a mess in a different place. This picture book, written in a simple pattern, beautifully demonstrates the skill of telling more! Kids love the silliness of the story, especially when Cookie falls into the toilet. We will use this text to discuss how a professional author tells and illustrates more. Our goal this week is to write a story about something we do during the week. We will brainstorm things both in our class (we get new jobs on Monday, Wednesday is pizza day, etc) and activities we do outside of school. Please help in reviewing those activities with your child in preparation for our writing.

Unit 3 Week 3 – Telling More

The students and I will visit this assigned area each day during our Face Time chats. We will utilize our reading group buddies to help share prior to writing and to assist with what we are wondering and what more we would like to know in the effort to help us write detail sentences.

Parents; please peruse the teacher packet that goes along with this series. It is divided into three daily lessons (day 3 they free write their own story, they choose the topic). The information is well written and can be followed like a script. I sent the teacher copy to give you insight on how to help our beginning writers become better at writing.


A Map of the World

The teacher page that I included has many wonderful tools to help get the most out of this lesson. Please refer to the arrows and starred section for suggestions on how to interact and how to explain the concepts. I have sent home their continent puzzle wheel for them to explore as well. The students will probably remember little songs that we were singing to help aid the memorization of the oceans and the continents, too. We shall sing them together this week.


Part 1

Please continue at home to review and challenge our kids with the names and values of the three coins we have learned. If you can skip count by 5’s and 10’s, you can add the value of those coins. The challenge for the students will be to remember to change the value of the coin as you add them. Always start, with the coin that has the most value; example, add the value of the dimes first skip counting by 10, then count up from there by 5’s (if needed have an index card or sheet handy that displays the skip counting; 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, 90, 100; 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, 40, 45, 50 etc)

Part 2

We will begin to learn time to the half-hour this week. In addition to the Judy clocks, I have sent home a flat colored copy paper clock. Please spend a few minutes assembling (cutting out the face and small hands; brad included to place hands on the clock face) this clock for your child. Part of our Face Time each day will be designated for a math lesson. Please have the clock and the time packet handy as well.


Outdoor exercise or gross movement

Independent activities for this week; these items would be done during center time at school;

  • Daily complete a minimum of 2 pages (but no more than 5) in your primary phonics workbook
  • Math worksheets and assigned pages in the Singapore Math Workbook
  • Create a crown (review of letters/sounds K and Q) kings and queens
  • Silhouette
  • Practice the sight word cards sent home; once that is done, move onto the Fry Word list that I’ve included in the packet. The goal is to recognize the first 100 words by 1st grade and the second 100 by end of 1st. Each student will be at a different place, it is work at your own pace.

Science: Research Project;

Aiden has already completed his report and returned it to school. The assignments are due by this Friday (you can drop it off or mail it). I would like to make copies of the reports to share with everyone next week. Feel free to type your information and cut and paste over the writing page lines. Don’t forget to include a color photo(s) of your desert animal.

Reading Lesson:

I will be hosting reading lessons during the Face Time period. I will send the text or photo copies of the texts that will be assigned and read. Please have both the reading and writing materials ready for your child to access. This week everyone will be using photo copied texts. Please keep texts book for future assignments .Please keep them in a safe place as they will need to be returned upon our arrival back at school.

As to the very large piece of white butcher block paper – I would like your help in creating a colorful piece of art that will become part of a banner that I’m working on. The completed piece will either be sent cheer up those who cannot have visitors or be displayed to thank our first responders. I’m asking for your help by asking your child to lay flat on the paper. Strike a pose or just lay as if standing. Parents using a black crayon, trace the outline of your child (as detailed as possible, it tickles when you trace them so they move). Add the marking for their shirt, pants, and shoes. Then taking your time during the week (it’s a lot of coloring) neatly color the tracing to look like themselves!

Go to Storyline Online and under the March Features watch “When Pigasso met Mootisse“. It’s a fun video introducing the art of these two great artists (Picasso and Matisse) who both created vibrant and beautiful portraits.

When complete, please cut out finished silhouette. Feel free to copy and create siblings too if there is enough paper. If you need a resource, let me know I can send a picture.

Please feel free to text any questions or comments you have. I am available daily from the hours of 9am to 2pm. Most days I am at school and can readily access materials or items that can be helpful. I hope you are proud of the work your child is completing and are now seeing how truly wonderful and excited about learning they are.

Nightly homework will consist of reading assignments, desert research, and a math time page. I encourage a nightly bedtime story for enjoyment as well.

Best wishes going forward with week number 3. I look forward to seeing you all soon. Stay healthy and thank you.

Remember April showers bring May flowers!

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