March 30, 2020 12:38 pm

Theme: Signs of Spring… Bugs, Rainbows, and What to Wear!

As we enter week 3 of being home with our families, I’d like to thank all of the children and parents for their hard work and support during these unsettling times. The kids are doing a great job with their daily assignments and learning at home with your help. I love receiving all the pictures, Face Times, phone calls, emails, and text messages. I am so proud of each and every one of you!

Spring weather can be tricky and we may not know how to dress! Should you wear a raincoat and grab an umbrella? Do we need our sunglasses? Is it warm or chilly? No matter what the weather is, continue to be scientists and look for signs of Spring. This week, in particular, animals and bugs are emerging all around us. Look for rainbows after a Spring shower. Listen for birds singing. Feel the warmth of the sun on a beautiful Spring Day. Trees are budding, flowers are blooming, embrace this wonderful season of growth and beauty.

This week we continue:

  • Strengthening our fine motor skills and eye/hand coordination while working on fun Spring activities. Building our ABC and number recognition.
  • Creating some beautiful Spring artwork.
  • Learning about different sizes in math.
  • Acting as scientists using our “detective eyes’ while searching for bugs and rainbows.


  • The Very Lonely Firefly by Eric Carle
  • The Very Quiet Cricket by Eric Carle
  • The Grouchy Ladybug by Eric Carle
  • The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle
  • A Rainbow of My Own by Don Freeman
  • Big and Small by Elizabeth Bennet

Have a Happy Week!

Fine Motor Skills:

  • Spring art- coloring within lines, painting, cutting, gluing, drawing different sized objects.
  • Name tracing, writing name, letters, and numbers on own.
  • Strengthening hand and finger muscles using model magic/play-dough to create signs of Spring.

Math Skills:

  • Differentiating between sizes; small, medium, large. Introduce more “size” words such as tiny, giant, enormous, etc. Use various objects at home or while outside to help children distinguish between these. Drawing different sized objects on a size chart.
  • Coordinating/matching numbers with objects(making the correct number of spots on the ladybug,) grouping or sorting by number.
  • Counting and recognition of numbers by sight.


  • Our weekly stories are listed above.
  • Listen to our stories throughout the week by clicking the link on our daily agenda.
  • See our Turtle Creek social media for stories read by Ms. McDonald.


  • Dressing for Spring Weather Weekly Reader.
  • The evolution of a butterfly.
  • Searching for signs of Spring.

Reading Readiness:

  • Reviewing ABC’s, their sounds, and words that begin with each.
  • See alphabet chart included in this week’s packet, You Tube Phonics Song 2, and ABC flash card letter hunt.
  • Reviewing letters F-J- worksheets in packet.


  • Create your own Spring Wreath, caterpillar, and rainbow.
  • The Very Hungry Caterpillar Collage.
  • Painting/coloring butterflies, suns, Spring flowers, Spring scenes, and raindrops.
  • Spring name flowerpots.
  • *all supplies included in the packet.

Gross Motor/Music and Movement:

  • Laurie Berkner music and movement.
  • Daily songs, exercise, and nature walks.
  • “Freeze Dance,” “Hokey Pokey,” “Simon Says,” “Going to Kentucky,” “Get Up and Dance.”

Special Notes:

  1. We will be attempting to coordinate an optional “school friends meet-up” by using the Zoom app. I would like to start with small groups. (I know the FaceTime has been hard for some of the children as their attention span is short at this age, but I thought we can give it a try! ) Please email or text me if you are interested in participating and I will coordinate a convenient time and provide instructions.
  2. If parents would like to be included on a class cell phone list to help parents facilitate communication between the children (phone calls, FaceTime) please let me know and include your name and number. I will formulate a list of those interested and distribute.
  3. Please have your child draw a picture to send to a local nursing home/assisted living facility during these uncertain times. Join us in this school-wide community event to brighten the lives of the elderly. You can send your picture to the school or drop it off and place it in the school mailbox or bin near the front entrance.
  4. Our school will be offering online Spanish lessons for the children. An email will be sent out this week with details.
  5. We hope the children enjoy their turtles included in this week’s packet. Please let them know how much we miss them and look forward to being together at school soon.
  6. We will continue to send daily overviews to follow each day. Packets were sent from the post office on Wednesday. Please don’t complete everything at once.
  7. Reach out anytime for support and to stay in touch. We love receiving all of your correspondence. Mrs.Cappelluti- or 917-239-8667. Mrs. Hadden- or 917-312-0801. Please be safe and healthy.

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