May 30, 2019 4:43 pm

Kindergarten Highlights

May 28, 2019

Food, fun, family and friends – that’s what holiday weekends are for. I hope that you and your family enjoyed the beautiful weather and spending time doing exactly what it is you enjoy.  This week finds up rapidly heading toward the end of the year.  I know very well how the calendar works but seem surprised all the same that June has crept up so fast and unannounced.  We look forward to the beginning of summer but at the same time begrudgingly wrap up the school year.  On the calendar we have graduation to look forward to.

This week we continue with reading groups.  The class will enjoy some summer stories and practice applying the skills taught to decode and read new text. 

In math we will revisit numbers and practice by reviewing number to 40.  We will review the concept of a group of ten and place value to distinguish two digit numbers by the ones and tens column.  We’ll also spend our time exploring patterns and learning how to do logic problems.

We continue to write daily.  As a class we will listen to and discuss a book about food. Our writing will be about food we like to eat; the skills we will focus on are a well written topic sentence and detail sentences to tell more.

The class is beginning to practice the songs and poems that we will perform on graduation.  Your help is appreciated at home practicing the songs.  The students have worked hard all year and we look forward to joining them on this day to celebrate their accomplishments and wish them the best in their new school next year.

I want the class of 2019 to leave Turtle Creek proud of themselves, proud of their accomplishments, and knowing that school is an amazing place to have fun learning!  They will be human beings far longer that they will be students, and I want them to how great they really are.  I look forward to the time left and am excited for the future for these fabulous kids!

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