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January 7, 2019

Reported by: Ms. Krachie

It is wonderful being back in school and back to the regular routine.  The holidays are behind us and we are moving forward with a fresh start in the New Year.  The students have shared their resolutions with the class and so far seem to be embracing the promises they made. Eating healthier, being kinder, and dedicating more time practicing the things they love and wish to improve on in 2019.

This week we will finish up our study of snow. The class has learned the science behind snow and hopefully shared all the information that they learned.  I know that I am anxiously awaiting the first true snowfall of winter and am excited to see the shape of the crystals that fall.

In social studies this week we will embark on a journey to discover what courage is. We will uncover that there are all kinds of courage both large and small.  It takes courage to tell the truth, courage to be yourself, courage to start all over again when we falter and courage to do something when we are afraid. The selected literature helps to begin these discussions.  We will also continue learning about maps with this week’s skills helping students understand that a map shows directions and helps to locate places. We reinforce the use of a compass rose and the directions it shows.

In the Making Meaning Series the students will have more experience using the sequence of events to retell a story and answering questions to understand it. The text is HARRY The Dirty Dog by Gene Zen. In the Being A Writer Series we are still on Unit 2 learning how professional authors get ideas for writing.  This week we read a familiar text My Friends by Taro Gomi that we used earlier this school year. This week they will be writing about friends and we will use the book to help them get their ideas for writing.

Everyone will receive a new reader this week. The objective is to take the skills that we have been learning and apply them to new and unfamiliar new texts. Initially this may slow them down or display regression, but it is important to introduce various types of text and challenge their ability.

In Math the next few weeks we will study time.  I explained further in the note sent home Monday along with the analog clock the expectations and difficulties children at this age display learning time. In class we also discussed the numerous vocabulary words that tell time as well.  Children are fascinated with the concept of telling time and it is this natural curiosity that aids in teaching them the beginning concept. Enjoy pointing out time pieces as you see them and help fuel the excitement of learning how to tell time!

In the cooler weather it is so important to drink water as we don’t feel ourselves becoming dehydrated. Also I’ve notice a lot of chapped lips so please help your child by placing a chapstick in their bag that they may use when needed.

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