January 7, 2019 9:49 pm

Review: A-L

Introduce: M

Review: 1-10, shapes and colors

Theme: Mice and Monkeys


Dear Parents,


We continue to be so pleased with your child’s progress in our 2 ½ year old program. As our students get a little older, we will be expecting more attentiveness and planning more structured activities throughout our day. This week, we will explore the letter “M.”  All the literature they will be reading this week will have a dual purpose: Listening to a story and be able to answer simple comprehension questions and counting the objects or items in the story. Mouse Count by Ellen Stoll and Ten Little Monkeys by Keith Faulkner will accomplish those objectives. Each of those stories has corresponding items for the children to count as the story is read.  Likewise, children will be asked to guess the identity of an animal by the picture clues given throughout the story Seven Blind Mice by Ed Young.  Actual items for the children to manipulate (and play with) also accompany this story. The M & M Counting Book will be used to reinforce numbers, colors and shapes. Finally,  Just Enough Carrots will be read, and children will be able to explore the concept of more through counting and comparing actual objects found in the story (carrots, peanuts and worms.)


We will continue to explore magnets and play a “fishing for numbers game” with magnetic fishing poles.


Our arts and crafts and fine motor activities will include decorating mittens, creating a monster out of paper shapes, and creating “Ms” through play doh, dot art, and other media.


“Little Miss Muffet” and “Five Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed” will be introduced as our nursery rhymes, finger plays and choral stories this week.


We go outside, weather permitting, every day but we continue to incorporate gross motor activities throughout the day. We will be marching and playing instruments in our parade. We will hop, skip and jump to find a matching number bean bag and play monster bowling.


I hope you continue to bask in the glow of the beautiful holiday season. Have a wonderful week.


Ms. Jenn and Ms. Priya

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