January 7, 2019 9:46 pm

Pre-K Highlights

Week of January 7th – January 11th

Weekly Theme: Arctic/Polar Animals

Weekly Letter: Uu

Weekly Number: 11


Hello Pre-K Families!


This week in Pre-K we will be learning about the letter U and the number eleven. This week, your child will participate in his/her second evaluation of the year. This will not only help us with filling out this months report cards, but it will also help us to better prepare your child during this second half of the school year.


Students will be learning all about different animals found in Arctic area. They will distinguish differences in animals living in New Jersey to polar animals. We will learn how polar animals stay warm in freezing cold temperatures during a mini science experiment. Students will also learn the concept of how to read a thermometer. They will be able to recognize if a thermometer is indicating a hot or cold temperature.


This week we will be learning about the letter U. After reading our Alphatales book, we will create a new list of words for our word wall. We will create our own letter “u unicorn,” identify pictures that start with the letter u, practice handwriting uppercase and lowercase U’s, and review numbers 1-10 while creating an “umbrella.” While learning about the number eleven, students will practice handwriting and identifying what a group of eleven things look like.


During math we will continue to learn how to add with zero and also the number one. While learning addition, students have been using various manipulatives to help them visualize the concept of addition.


Weekly Literature:

  • The Midnight Unicorn by, Neil Reed
  • Where have the Unicorns Gone? by, Jane Yolen
  • Arctic Animals by, Melvin & Gilda Berger
  • Follow the Polar Bears by, Sonia W. Black
  • Up,Up,Down by, Robert Munsch
  • Yellow Umbrella by, Jae Soo Liu
  • Aliens Love Underpants by, Claire Freedman & Ben Cort
  • Arctic Animals by, Tori Kosara
  • Alphatales- Umbrellabird’s Umbrella by, Heather Feldman


  • Thursday January 24th will be our yearly Multicultural Night at TCLA. Please join us for a night full of fun, food, music, and traditions from all over the world. Students will be preparing a special performance for all of the parents. More information will be sent home soon.
  • Scholastic orders have been sent home. Please place your order by Friday January 25th. It is easier to place your order online using our class code found on the letter attached to the booklets. There are some wonderful deals on books this month.


Have a great week,

Ms.Kasey and Mrs.G


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