January 3, 2019 6:15 pm

Kindergarten Highlights

January 2, 2019

Reported by Ms. Krachie


Happy New Year! It’s always fun to begin a new year because with it comes the promise of a fresh start. We have the whole year in front of us to accomplish goals, travel, and start new projects.  The staff at Turtle Creek wishes each and everyone a happy, health, and productive year.

This week in kindergarten we plan on discussing resolutions; what they are and if there is something we would like to aim for in the upcoming year. We’ll share a fun story about P. Bear and learn some new vocabulary words dealing with quantity and names of groups. We will both informally and formally begin the study of time (no time like the New Year to do that) with the countdown to midnight.

I am excited to hear about all the things the class has done over vacation. We will use those stories to practice our writing skills in free write during the short week.

In science we will begin to discover the beauty of SNOW! We will learn about a very special gentleman named Snowflake Bentley and explore the life of a snow crystal. Please share in the excitement of learning about this wonderful form of water. I personally am hoping for winter snowfall soon and hope you find the information sent home interesting as well. We will share some classic and favorite literature about snow and winter as well. I know after the 60 degree day yesterday it’s hard to remember that it is winter. Next week we are back to our regular schedule as we return to full time from a post holiday break.

Thank you all for the holiday wishes and for your thoughtfulness.  I hope you enjoyed the time spent with family and friends.


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